Monday, January 02, 2012

First Day in 2012

All praises to Allah, we are still able to inhale the fresh air in our surrounding. It's time for me to make my life better than last year, because I don't know whether tomorrow I could improve myself. I started my day by watching "Patch Adams" movie. It's an inspirational movie for me, from this movie I can learn many things about life. One of those, It taught me to get out of my situations by helping the others. Then, we can help the others by make them laugh by our way. I will always try to internalize the good learning that the movie give. Then, I go to my office to do my routine job, reporting. I'm glad that I gradually adapt the circumstances over there. Although my jobs is not easy, I have a conviction that I can do my jobs better day by day. For the first time, I made a template for branches in reporting. Thank You Allah. I will always remember that in January 1st I made a template for branches in reporting. One main thing I learned last daya is "Just get out of your situations/problems by helping the other". What a Great Day! :)
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