Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Focus on Solution, not on Situation

In daily life, we are always faced by many situations/problems, not only repeatedly situations but also new situations. Nick Vujicic, an inspirational motivator from Australia,  a man that doesn't have legs and feet, says " We are put in situation to build our character, not to destroy us." So, situations make us learn to be better, to be mature, to be positive in looking this life, to be optimist in achieving future. Sometimes we're down when we think that our situations are so heavy to overcome. Truly, all situation is just a "time game". Situations wanna grow us up, not just in our thought but also our attitude. If you have ever watched a movie "Patch Adams", Patch Adams, a man who play a main role, says "Don't focus on problem, but focuson solution". In that movie, Patch Adams feels desperate, and lost the way of life. Then he's placed in a mental hospital. Over there, he met a man named Arthur Mendelson. Arthur Mendelson, a rich and outlier man, is placed in mental hospital because of his excessive creativity that makes people consider him as a crazy man. In mental hospital, Patch Adams got two best lessons from Arthur. First, Patch learned that he can get out of his situations by helping the others. Second, he should focus on solution, not on situation. Finally, he decided to get out of the mental hospital and wanna be a doctor that can help many people. You can watch the complete movie and learn many lessons of life. For conclusion, situation is given by God for 2 simple reasons. First, to tests who best God's servants are. Second, to grow our up and make us a better person than before. "iDream....iCan...."
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